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Phrases dans l'ordre' alphabétique. define a schedule define a workplan define citizenship define, classify define clearly the objectives of the chambers define clear responsibilities define clear roles define common goals define concrete actions define, coordinate defined defined above defined above, but defined above, it defined access rights defined according defined accordingly defined according to article defined according to national priorities defined after consultations defined a generation.
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And there, sharply defined against sea and sky, stood the figure of a human being. THREE MORE JOHN SILENCE STORIES ALGERNON BLACKWOOD. The edge of the reef off the latter island is not well defined, for we passed several straggling rocks.
Software-Defined Networking SDN Definition - Open Networking Foundation.
CORD TAM REPORT. Software-Defined Networking SDN Definition. What is SDN? The physical separation of the network control plane from the forwarding plane, and where a control plane controls several devices. Software-Defined Networking SDN is an emerging architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of todays applications.
Defined - definition of defined by The Free Dictionary.
defined - clearly characterized or delimited; lost" in a maze of words both defined and undefined" each" child has clearly defined duties." definite - precise; explicit and clearly defined; I" want a definite answer" a" definite statement of the terms of the will" a" definite amount" definite" restrictions on the sale of alcohol" the" wedding date is now definite" a" definite drop in attendance."
Appendices CDC. Minus. SAS. stats.
Exception: In the K-12 indoor classroom setting or a structured outdoor setting where mask use can be observed i.e, holding class outdoors with educator supervision, the close contact definition excludes students who were between 3 to 6 feet of an infected student laboratory-confirmed or a clinical diagnosis if both the infected student and the exposed student s correctly and consistently wore well-fitting masks the entire time.
defined - Traduction en français - exemples anglais Reverso Context.
defined between 1724. defined in paragraph 1236. defined above 1231. defined benefit pension scheme. defined contribution pension scheme. Technology transfer as defined under this agenda favours foreign technologies. Le transfert de technologie tels que défini sous cet agenda privilégie les technologies qui viennent d'ailleurs.
definedの意味 使い方英辞郎 on the WEB. i_history. i_words. i_guide. i_setting. i_history. i_words. i_guide. i_setting.
表現パターン defined as a BMI body-mass index of __. defined as a characterisation of. 英 defined as a characterization of. defined as a characterization of. be の特性化 とくせいか として定義 ていぎ づけられる. defined as a condition characterised by. 英 defined as a condition characterized by.
DEFINED signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
Tests for heterogeneity indicated that flies within geographically defined regions were homogeneous. Extrait de Cambridge English Corpus. To investigate these hypotheses, we defined a number of regions that have been identified as part of the social brain network in adults.

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